About us

Vision Mission Objectives

We seek our company to become a leader in production and distribution of mobile, innovative and ergonomic furniture. We hope to achieve that by expanding our team of ambitious, active and qualified staff. We relate our company’s fast growth with expansion of cooperation between us and foreign companies that work professionally and have a great experience and methods of cooperation that could be adapted to our activity. We think that today’s Lithuanian market is promising to our company’s development.
Fulfillment of commitments to partners, staff, and company’s shareholders. Fast and fair adaption of comprehensively acceptable solutions on business development, company’s management, and staff policy; increasing the market competitiveness of business branches that the company invests in.
  1. Focusing on development of commercial projects involving offering, distributing and maintenance of mobile, innovative and ergonomic furniture.
  2. Expanding company’s capacities by its overall development and adapting innovative company’s management methods.
  3. Creation and development of technical maintenance center oriented to mobile furniture maintenance.
  4. Active search for new business spheres and investing partners, participation in business development processes in the Baltic States.