About us

Director’s Word

The object of our activity is to offer our customers professional services, supply them with quality mobile furniture and its systems, and take care of the furniture maintenance and service. We offer our customers solutions that can help saving room and time. The furniture that we distribute can be easily transported, assembled or dissembled, it is comfortably used at exhibitions, education or medical institutions, offices, home, temporary occupational rooms and elsewhere, where stationary furniture is unwanted. We also sell circular “Clever-Kitchen” that has no analogue in Lithuania and helps making small kitchen space much bigger.
With the help of consistent and purposeful activity organisation, we pay a lot of attention to the improvement of our staff’s qualification, and we try to raise the quality of the services we supply. The main principles of our activity that ensure our customer’s trust and long-lasting partnership are as follows: quality of services we supply and mobile furniture we distribute, staff’s fairness, responsibility, respect, team work, and permanent improvement. These principles have become daily round of our company.
Our priorities are: flexible, resolved and fast solutions that help to accelerate the growth of the company and entrench within Lithuanian market as soon as possible. We believe and know that our current steps will be useful to Lithuanian people and our national economy.
Quality Policy
JSC “AUDIMTA” stands out against other companies with its clear activity strategy, modern management system, high quality and innovative goods assortment. Customers’ trust in our company is determined by its quality policy and developed customers service system.
Main activity principles of JSC “AUDIMTA”:
1.       Company’s reliability.
2.       Quality of goods and services.
3.       Offers and solutions that customers find attractive.
4.       Highly qualified staff.
Customers have already appreciated the assortment of quality goods and services that JSC “AUDIMTA” presents, they have already learned about personal attention paid to each client by JSC’s “AUDIMTA” staff. Experience in customer service allows us to implement those principles consistently and guarantee swift and professional customer service.
JSC “AUDIMTA” hopes that the current quality policy and company’s reputation within the market will let being proud of mutual cooperation possibilities both for the partners and staff.